Music Theory Class

$ 33.00

Theory Classes run fortnightly, and are designed to:

  • Lay down the basics of music theory (including history of music)
  • Improve musicianship skills:
    • Aural – Train your ears to hear better.
    • Sight-reading – Learn the language of music.
    • Notation – Discover how to put the songs in your head onto paper.
  • Provide a collaborative group learning environment.

Note: Theory Classes are available only to students who are enrolled in private lessons at the Studio.


Payment Term

Payment should be made ahead of each monthly (4 or 5 week) billing cycle. Theory fees will appear on the invoice along with your private lesson fees.

  • Lesson fee – $34 per fortnight
  • Regular payments – $68 – $102 per month

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Product Description

A strong foundation in music theory is essential to becoming a better musician.
Compulsory for some components of AMEB exams.