We ask all parents and students of age to read the policy carefully before lessons commence.


The Studio expects students and parents to make a serious commitment to their music education. Students are encouraged to complete effective practise for their level, be adequately prepared for their next lesson, and be receptive to feedback.


Our teachers are trained professionals who care about your/your child’s music education. The Studio has a zero tolerance policy for rude and disrespectful behaviour towards any staff member or teacher. We expect correspondence between all parties to be polite and respectful. Lessons may be terminated if any such behaviour is continually demonstrated.

Parents are responsible for their children’s safety and conduct in the Studio. Please be reminded that the Studio does not provide a Child Minding service and is not able to be responsible for your children. If you leave your child with us earlier than scheduled, or cannot pick them up on time, it will be courteous to notify us or prepare an alternative arrangement beforehand.

Deposit & Admin Fee

Two weeks deposit is payable upfront upon becoming a new student of the Studio in 2016. This is refundable (less any amount owing) if the student terminates. One month written notice required and refund made on 15th of following month. Lesson duration is dependent on age and level of music. An annual fee of $20 is now payable by all students and will be collected once for the year.


Lessons are strictly payable on or before the student’s first lesson of the month. Invoices are emailed or hard copy issued on request, 1-2 weeks before the due date. Remember: Your teacher needs to be paid once a lesson is taught. Late payment may attract an additional $20 fee on your next invoice.

One week’s notification at the latest will be required for students taking more than 1 day of absence or going on lengthy holidays. If you are away on holiday and wish to keep your timeslot, the Studio requires payment to be made prior students’ departure. Your place may not be held if no payment is made.

From January 2017:

  • We will be able to make up only 50% of the lesson time for all students away. For example: a single 60 minute lesson can be made up to a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • Sick absences will have a make up of 50% of the lesson time. Notification must be given via email or voicemail message on or before 9AM on the day of absence. A doctor’s sick certificate must be presented at the next lesson.

Payments are issued by the director (Lisa 0416 111 663). If you have any queries, contact Lisa or email michellespianos@gmail.com as teachers do not handle disputes.

Private lessons are non-transferrable and non-refundable on termination.


It is important that students maintain regularity in lesson attendance or progress cannot be achieved. The Studio is serious about music education and constant absenteeism is not acceptable.

Lessons may be rescheduled ONLY if sufficient notice is given (see ‘Payment & Holiday/Sick Notification’). Rescheduled lessons are a privilege, not a right. Make-up lessons will NOT be given if the Studio is not notified of an absence within the specified timeframe.

Theory classes: Please give one week’s notice if you cannot attend your class. You may sit in on another theory class that matches your age group and level.


Lessons are conducted as per usual on public holidays and school holidays, except for the Christmas and New Year break. The Studio is closed from Sunday, 23rd December 2018 until Monday, 21st January 2019.

Lessons for December 2018 are payable together with the January 2019 invoice.

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Payment methods

Direct Deposit

BSB: 012463
Account Number: 905065503
Name: Michelle’s Piano Studio
Reference: Student name and short description (e.g. “Ash Lee fees April 2018”)

Forward remittance to michellespianos@gmail.com.

Credit card

Payments carry a 3.0% service charge.

We do not accept AMEX or EFTPOS.


Please bring the exact amount specified in your invoice as we do not hold cash on premises.